Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Strike The Pose: B&W Striped Pants

It’s a bold new black&white trend and striped pants are the anthem. Vertical striking b&w stripes are a statement, no doubt, and only the courageous ones will dare to combine them with another striking piece. The striped pants are eye-catching, feminine and all but regular. Pairing them might be a bit of a challenge, but I have several choices for you:
1. Go all black and white. Ex. If you choose a black top (blouse, shirt, corset) go with a white jacket. Play the accessories along one line: all silver, all gold, all black, all tribal.
2. Shock and awe. Break the monochromatic scheme of b&w with neons: green, pink, yellow, mint, blue and keep them in the detail: clutch, bracelet, necklace, massive ring, stillettos, lipstick and why not a hot eye-shadow.
3. Red. If you are a redhead I definitely recommend you dare the b&w outfit with just a lipstick. Even if you’re not, red as a colour can have the same WOW effect as neons, except it’s more classic and subdued.
Any combination you choose, wear it and OWN IT.