Friday, January 3, 2014

Fall is leaving, Winter is coming

Living in California is a luckily for me, cause the weather just getting cooler in fall-winter so I get to dress up with no worries of getting cold. The first look I'm pairing a high waist short from #Forever21 with a cropped top from #Rue21 cover up with a military green jackect from #Pacsun, in case if I feel cold :) a pair of black and white stripe platform shoe from #Aero would complete my look.

 photo L1020457_zps754fb8ab.jpg

 photo L1020461_zps5df39a7b.jpg

 photo L1020478_zps57c266b2.jpg

 photo L1020491_zpsc62fbc29.jpg
The second look is really simple and usual. As you can see, I'm wearing a oversize denim shirt as a dress, and that's it. Pairing it with a pair of ankle boot and long sock would be perfect for a go out.
 photo L1020501_zps895d07f9.jpg

 photo L1020514_zps6419059f.jpg

 photo 00fa48f4-f9e6-4272-a561-a582b95491bc_zps766a9fa2.jpg

 photo L1020535_zps9b139efb.jpg