Friday, January 3, 2014

October, 2013 - Grey, Denim, Red

I'm introduce my new friend to you guys, this is Andrea. We met for the first day and then we decided to do the photoshoot on the next day, so it felt seriously awkward LOL. But yeah, she is so nice and pretty, we had a lot of fun taking picture and chill.

 photo DSC_7235_zps5a194329.jpg
She's a guitar player, so I was enjoy listened to her while we shooting. UGH, I'm so jealous, I wish I can play a instrument but GOD DAMN I can't. So anyway, Andrea's outfit was pretty cute, she's wearing a Christmas skirt with a basic white top, over all with a denim shirt. A pair of Toms and grey beanie.

 photo L1020620_zps9c0b7e78.jpg

 photo L1020682_zps7454f791.jpg

 photo L1020753_zpscf9393ec.jpg

 photo L1020657_zps489c9526.jpg

 photo L1020641_zps4e3e20c5.jpg

 photo L1020805_zps8a156235.jpg

 photo L1020804_zps568f6e8b.jpg

 photo L1020775_zpscab4834a.jpg
Here I'm wearing a bodycon black dress, a grey knit sweater over, and a denim shirt tied around the waist, complete my look with a pair of red converse.
 photo L1020736_zps26d5932f.jpg

 photo L1020717_zps394aa6df.jpg

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