Friday, January 3, 2014

Reunited With My People - P1

On the last day of school before we got 2 weeks off for Winter Break, me and two of my friends decide to do a photoshot together, which we planned to do for ages but we never get a chance to do. We had a lot of fun doing photoshot together. Enjoy my photos!
 photo L1020814_zpsdf826628.jpg
This is my only guy friend, his name is LORENZO. He has a really nice style that impressed me a lot. For the first look, he was wearing a printed shirt with a white short, complete this look with a Huff sock and a pair of loafers.
 photo L1020843_zpsa54436b4.jpg
Ohhhhhh, and a pair of glasses!
 photo L1020847_zpsadb39641.jpg

 photo L1020936_zps58fb0bc1.jpg
For the second look, he's wearing a green moss-ish jean, with a red sweater and cover with a jean jacket that he told he he got from a thrift store. 
 photo L1020963_zpsd0d1e2fa.jpg

 photo L1020854_zps12e2ca6e.jpg

 photo L1020906_zps6305634e.jpg
... and this is KASSANDRA, she's my only bestfriend, eventhough we only met for a few months. I got impressed with her hair and her outfits, so then I decided to ask her name, and now we're bestie LOL
 photo L1020939_526F672C_zpscde51da7.jpg
Kassandra pairing a basic black sweater with a red maroon legging, and a pair of cream converse. For acessories, she's wearing a cross gold chain necklace.
 photo L1030005_zps632da388.jpg

 photo L1030009_zps544bc8ed.jpg

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