Friday, January 3, 2014

Reunited With My People - P2

 photo 1476124_558959367521510_63980273_n_zps8c9446ee.jpg
Sun Glasses (borrowed from LORENZO) LOL
"Hipster Please" Sweater: Zummie
Black and White legging: Forever21
Chelsea Boot: H&M

 photo 1486706_558959124188201_1628038378_n_zps46edbe09.jpg

 photo L1020917_zpsbb36f47e.jpg

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 photo L1030044_zps9048f71d.jpg

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 photo L1020991_zps7032207a.jpg

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 photo L1020924_zpsa81185a3.jpg

 photo L1020896_zpse542f7dd.jpg

 photo L1020890_zps9c8e61f8.jpg

 photo L1020865_zpse03ff72f.jpg
Galaxy Dress: Charlotte Russe
Jean Jacket: Forever21
 photo L1020826_zpsd8d2c70d.jpg
KASSANDRA's paring a skater skirt with a basic grey tank, cover with a jean jacket from #Forever21